General Description

There are over 250 fowl species in the Pskov Region. The intricacy of pinpointing the exact number of species lies in the need for permanent monitoring while at this job: there is an entire category of birds that have received no verified encounter reports in recent years.  The site contains 218 species of the most common birds belonging to 18 orders and 49 families. The greatest number of species – 90 – belongs to the order of passerines. There are numerous on the number of units Charadriiformes – 36, lamellirostral – 23, birds of prey – 18, Owls – 10. Smaller units Woodpeckers – 8 species Galliformes – 6. Detachments and Ciconiiformes Columbiformes account for 5 species. By orders Kukushkoobraznyh, nightjar-shaped, Swifts, Pelikanobraz-tion is only one mind.

By the nature of staying in birds are different ecological groups. Among them, the majority are breeding or migratory species – 139, span – 53, settled – 42. Are strictly sedentary dove and house sparrow. By stray in our area include 24 species, and wintering – 10 species.

Of the 244 species (except vagrants) are 122 species of forest birds, 100 – to waterfowl and wetland (typical inhabitants of the coasts are representatives of groups wading, Zhura-leobraznye, Charadriiformes, the waterfowl are members of the order lamellirostral, Toadstools, Gruiformes and plovers – shaped), 13 – to lesoopushechnym and 9 – to opushechnym species.

Pskov region is located on the White Sea-Baltic flyway, in which in the fall migrate hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of birds, nesting habitats are located in areas of tundra and northern taiga. Begins the path to the White and Barents Seas, including the European part of the country and ends in the forests of western Europe.