Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus)

Description: In the upper-parts the bird is red-brownish grey with darker streaks and blackish longitudinal stripes, as well as with a more or less vivid rufous hue. In the under-parts it is ocher red-brownish with blackish red-brown fine lateral bars. There are two opposed white spots on the throat. On the inner vane of the first three primaries there is a large white spot, and there are two apical white spots on the two outer couples of rudders. The wing length of the Nightjar is 17.5-20 cm, with the weight of around 75 gr.

Habitat: It is a migratory bird throughout most of its habitat. It can be encountered nesting in the woods, wooded steppe, bush semi-deserts, and even on the edge of deserts. Apart from that, it inhabits woodless or under-wooded mountains and foothills.

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