Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

Description: The bird is average in size (body length up to 40 cm, wing length – about 22 cm), with a relatively long (up to 18 cm) rounded stepped tail. It weighs around 100 gr. In coloration and size, cuckoos distantly resemble sparrow-hawks. In adult males, the back and tail are dark grey, and the throat, crop and breast are light grey. The remaining plumage is white with dark lateral barring. The eyes and lid edges are yellow. The females, unlike males, are either red-brownish from top, with an ocher tinge on the crop, or have their back side and the top of the head rusty rufous with broad black and thin white lateral bars.

Habitat: The common cuckoo is migratory in most of its habitat. It can be encountered in the northern reaches of taiga, in forests, in wooded steppe, in steppe proper, in various thickets along the shores of stagnant or flowing water, in parks and gardens, and in outskirts of human settlements.

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