Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

Description: This waterfowl bird is of very characteristic appearance, size of a smaller thrush, squat and short-tailed. The coloration in adults is mainly dark red-brown, with a bright white apron, and a scaly pattern on the back – unseen from afar. Juveniles are lighter than adults from top; they are red-brownish grey, with a clear scaly pattern, and from below the white of the neck gradually fuses to the grey of the belly, also with a dark scaly pattern throat to undertail. Their flight is low above the water, straightforward and fast. The weight is 50-85 gr; length 17-20, male wing – 9.2-10.1, female wing – 8.2-9.1, and span 25-30 cm.

Habitat: The only passerine capable of diving. It lives year-round on the forested banks of quick rivers and rivulets. When nesting, birds join in separate territorial couples.

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