Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

Description: The coloration of the back side is ashen grey with a bluish hue, and the belly side is white with an admixture of rufous tones. The flanks and the undertail have an admixture of chestnut-brown. On the sides of the head, above the eyes and on the forehead there are smaller white bars. From the bill and across the eye, on the sides of the head and on to the neck runs a black stripe. The body length is 130-160 mm, and weight – 22-25 gr.

Habitat: Sedentary and partly nomadic bird. In the season of autumnal-winter migrations, it may be encountered in most diverse forests and even steppe – in wooded draws and field-protection forests, gardens, and riverine thickets. However, with the coming of the spring, the birds move to deciduous and mixed forests.

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